Crafts on a Budget for you and your little monkey bum!

Oct 26, 2017

My name is Kristie and I’m not only the Owner and operator of Monkey bum tie dye apparel and parties, but I am also the mother of four… Yes, four children.

I love making crafts, art projects, fun cooking and science experiments with my children. I’m not going to say that each project turned out perfect but I will say we always have fun together.

If you have been loyal Monkey bum fans you will recall last year we posted our “tried it Tuesday” series and now back by popular demand we have brought it back via our blog. This year I really want to focus on making tuff on a budget. As a mom of for and with Christmas just around the corner let’s try fun new ideas together and Christmas gift you and your kids can make without breaking the bank.

Let’s start with a huge favorite right now among all the kids in my household and probably yours as well…...


But not just normal slime, Edible slime!!!

Safe to touch... safe to eat ... And you can make it for less than $5!


¼ cup pudding mix = the whole packet when you buy Jell-O instant pudding

1 cup corn starch … give or take a few extra spoons to get the right texture

1/3 cup warm water ... make sure the water is warm not hot you will need to mix with bare hands


In a container or small bowl mix together the pudding package, corn starch and warm water …

Begin to knee the mixture with your hands … add extra cornstarch to the container and continue to work the slime till you get a smooth texture!

Once finish enjoy a taste and have fun playing with this heavenly tasting and amazing smelling slime!

Got an idea and want us to try it out send us an email

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